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AJUSA is a EU company specialized in the manufacture of internal combustion engine components for passenger cars and industrial vehicles. The product range include cylinder head gaskets and gasket sets, cylinder head bolts, hydraulic lifters, camshafts and sealants. Ajusa made its first cylinder head gasket in 1972. It currently has the most extensive range of engine gaskets and the most complete range of oil feed pipes and turbo fitting kits. The Ajusa catalogue has over 200,000 references and is permanently updated in its digital version, and every two years in paper format.
  • Engine, Powertrain
  • Standard mechanical parts
  • Engine, Powertrain
  • Standard mechanical parts



Russian Federation, 108803, Moscow, v. Voskresenskoe, pos. Voskresenskoe, 66

Phone: +7(499)608-06-81

Email: info@ajusa.ru

Site: https://www.ajusa.ru/