Russian Federation
Pavilion 2 Hall 1, A515
ABSELGROUP - solutions for the auto business. Distribution of spare parts and lubricants since 1995. The company has its own well-developed logistics and warehouse network: 2 distribution centers, 6 branches in the European part of Russia and 170+ cities of delivery. Own professional IT solution sells to 11K customers 24/7. The portfolio includes more than 50 well-known brands of spare parts, tires and lubricants, including ABS, BOSCH, ZF, PETRONAS, etc. Shareholder of TEMOT INTERNATIONAL Startegic Value Network. Innovative service stations franchise SINDIKA CENTER.
  • Engine, Powertrain
  • Chassis, Brake System, Steering
  • Body and its elements
  • Standard mechanical parts
  • Interior
  • Regenerated, restored and renewed parts for cars
  • Tires, wheels
  • Filters
  • General accessories for motor vehicles
  • Engine electronics
  • Vehicle lighting
  • Electrical systems
  • Batteries
  • Oil
  • Coolants and additives
  • Lubricants and fluids
  • Vehicle care
  • Sales and service management


Russian Federation, 355042, Stavropol, Dovatortsev 47B

Phone: +880-03-020-686

Email: office.stavropol@abs-auto.ru

Site: www.abs-auto.ru