Russian Federation
Pavilion 8 Hall 2, E215
ABRO Industries Inc has been successfully creating and bringing unique products to the market for 80 years. Product portfolio is well balanced and includes car chemicals, house repair products and consumer and household goods. ABRO gasket makers, sealants, greases, cleaners, spray paints, repair adhesives etc are well known and actively used by customers all over the world. Today ABRO products are being sold in 185 countries. ABRO® - A trusted name worldwide.
  • Oil
  • Coolants and additives
  • Lubricants and fluids
  • Washing, washing stations, washing equipment
  • Vehicle care




Russian Federation, 690003, Vladivostok, office 101A, 52 stanukovicha street,

Phone: +7(423)209-50-05

Email: sales@abro-dv.ru

Russian Federation, 344015, Rostov-on-Don, office 24, 153 dovlatova street

Phone: +7(800)505-67-31

Email: info@abro-rus.ru

Site: abro.ru

Site: abro.ru