This public offer (hereinafter - the "Offer") is prepared in accordance with Clause 2, Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and is intended for any potential Buyer of the Ticketing Service for the Event.

The present Offer determines the conditions of registration, exchange, return of the Ticket service, as well as the rights and obligations when attending the Event.

The buyer of the Ticketing Service for the Event is strongly recommended to read and familiarize with the terms and conditions of this Offer.

To read the terms and conditions of this Offer, please visit the Organiser's official website at


1. Terms and definitions

1.1. For the purposes of the literal interpretation of this Offer the following definitions are established:

"Terms and Conditions of the Offer" - the terms and conditions set out in this Offer, which may be amended or supplemented at certain times, including, but not limited to, publications on the Organiser's Official Website

"Buyer of the Event Exhibition Ticket Service" - an individual and/or legal entity who has applied to the Organizer or a person for the purpose of execution, exchange, refund of the Event Exhibition Ticket Service.

" Event/Exhibition Ticket" - a document containing a barcode, full name, confirming the issuance of an Exhibition Event Ticket, as well as certifying the right of the holder of such document to attend the Exhibition Event. The Ticket shall be generated through the Organizer's automated system.

"Event/Exhibition" means an event held by the Organiser, the attendance of which is made by means of a ticket issued, inter alia, by means of Internet payment.

"Organizer" - Limited Liability Company "ITIMF Expo" INN 7708326524, OGRN 1177746970004 dated 15.09.2017, legal address: 107140, Moscow, Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya str. 3, bld. 2, floor A2, room I room 1., tel.+74957663002,

"Event Ticketing Service Cost" is the amount of money corresponding to the cost of the Event Ticketing Service set by the Organizer for all third parties.

"Booking" - the formed Order pending payment by the Buyer.

"Promocode" - a set of symbols consisting of letters and numbers, which certifies the Buyer's right to pay the cost of the service for issuing a Ticket for the Event or Exhibition in the amount equivalent to the full Nominal Cost of issuing a Ticket for the Event or Exhibition;<

"Force Majeure" means extraordinary, unavoidable circumstances under the given conditions such as natural disasters, acts of war etc.

2. general terms and conditions.

2.1. The subject of this Offer is the Organizer's rendering of services for issuing Tickets for the Event and Exhibition.

2.2. Tickets are issued only on the conditions of this Offer and only in case of its full and unconditional acceptance. Partial acceptance or acceptance on other terms and conditions is not allowed.

2.3 The issued Tickets shall not be returned and unilateral withdrawal from the conditions of this Offer shall not be accepted on the grounds of the Buyer's disagreement with the conditions of this Offer or after acceptance of its conditions. Refunds for the issued Tickets are possible only under the procedure and conditions stipulated by this Offer and in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. 2.4.

2.4 When the Tickets are issued, the visitor, as a natural person, receives an electronic cashier's check, which is sent by the payment system to the visitor's e-mail address indicated upon registration. No other accounting documents are provided by the Organiser for the issue of Tickets.

2.5 The Buyer agrees that he is not entitled to use the issued Ticket for advertising goods, works and services, both his own and third parties, and is not entitled to resell the issued Tickets to third parties.2.6. While at the Event Event Site, the Buyer of the issued Event Exhibition Ticket shall behave respectfully and follow all safety rules and instructions of the Organiser.

2.7 The description of the Event, date, time and place of the Event, and the cost of services for issuing Tickets for the Event are indicated on the official website of the Event in the section dedicated to the Event on the Organizer's website

2.8 Children under 16 years of age shall be admitted to the Event only if accompanied by an adult. The cost of the children's ticket shall correspond to the cost of the adult ticket.

3. Terms and conditions of the Ticket service

3.1 Ticket Buyer agrees that he is acquainted with the conditions of this Offer before he accepts it. The Event/Exhibition Ticket Buyer confirms that the provisions of this Offer and other binding rules are fully understood by him.

3.2 In cases where a representative of the Buyer acts on behalf of the Buyer, the Buyer confirms that all actions/inactions of this person are performed by such representative with the knowledge, consent and in the interests of the Buyer.

3.3 Buyer has the right to pay for the Ticket service in the following ways

3.4 The acceptance shall be made by the Buyer by executing the Order for the Ticket on the Organizer's website, by one of the above mentioned methods.

3.5 When issuing the Ticket, the Buyer shall fully verify all the information about the Event and the Exhibition indicated on the Ticket, as well as the personal data provided to the Organiser, including the email to which the issued Tickets shall be sent.

3.6 The Ticket shall not be sent to the Buyer until it has been fully paid for. The Buyer is considered to have duly fulfilled the obligation to pay for the service at the time of receipt of funds in full on the Organizer's bank account.

3.7 After full payment of the cost of services for the Ticket, the Buyer shall print out the Ticket, access to which is provided in the Personal Office on the Organizer's website and (or) sent to the Buyer's e-mail, which was specified when placing the Order.

3.8. When entering the Event or Exhibition, the Buyer shall be obliged to present the printed Ticket or an electronic copy of the Ticket sent to him via the electronic mail, which he indicated when placing the Order.

3.9 The Buyer is solely responsible for the safety and protection of the issued Ticket against copying. In case of copying the issued Ticket, access to the Event and Exhibition shall be opened using the Ticket which will be presented first.

3.10. The Services shall be deemed to be duly and fully provided by the Organiser after sending to the Buyer the email address specified by the Buyer when issuing the Ticket, or after providing access to the Ticket in the Buyer's personal account on the Organiser's website.

4. Personal data

4.1 The Event Ticket Buyer expresses its full consent that the Organiser is entitled to process and use its personal data provided during registration and ticket issuance in accordance with the Organiser's privacy policy, available at

5. Liability of the Parties

5.1 The Parties shall be liable for non-performance or improper performance of the terms and conditions of this Offer in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

5.2 The Organiser shall not be liable for non-compliance of the Event | Exhibition with the expectations of the Buyer of the ticket service for the Event | Exhibition.

5.3. The Organizer shall not be liable and shall not compensate the Buyer of the Event / Exhibition Ticket service/ any losses for failures arising due to problems in the Organizer's automated system or temporary absence of connection to the automated system of the Organizer which do not allow the Buyer to order the Event / Exhibition Ticket service.

5.4 The Buyer of the Event/ Exhibition Ticket service shall be fully responsible under the applicable laws of the Russian Federation for the consequences arising as a result of providing untrue or knowingly false information to the Organizer or a third party representing the Organizer's interests, as well as for violation of rights and interests of other persons as a result of such actions.

5.5 The parties shall not be liable for non-performance or improper performance of the Offer terms and conditions caused by force majeure circumstances (force majeure).

5.6 The Buyer/Exhibition Ticket service may not resell, transfer (for commercial or other personal benefit) any ticket(s) to the Event/Exhibition or issue a ticket(s) to the Event/Exhibition through a seller who is not the Organiser or authorised agent of the Organiser without the Organiser's written consent.

5.7 Tickets issued for the Event cannot be used for advertising, promotional or commercial purposes, including raffles, competitions, contests and sweepstakes, cannot be included in package offers with hospitality products (such as catering, transfers, accommodation, souvenirs, etc.), except as approved in advance by the Organiser in writing.

5.8 The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to the Event/Exhibition Venue (or remove from the Event/Exhibition Venue) to an Event Ticket Buyer whose Event/Exhibition Ticket has been issued or used in violation of the conditions of this Offer.

5.9. Attendance of persons under 16 (sixteen) years of age shall only be possible when accompanied by a legal representative or guardian.

5.10. The Buyer of the Event Ticket service shall be responsible for compliance with all immigration, customs and legal requirements of any relevant structures to enter the territory of the Russian Federation (including, but not limited to obtaining an entry visa or permit). In case of the non-conformity of the Event Ticket Buyer with these requirements or his inability to obtain (or refusal, cancellation, expiry or withdrawal of) an entry visa or permit for any reason no exchange or refund for the Ticket service will be granted.

5.11. Without the Organiser's prior written consent the Event Ticket Buyer shall not:
(a) be at the Event/Exhibition site outside the time of the Event/Exhibition;
(b) place, stick or display any poster, banner, printed or any other advertising material at the Event/Exhibition;
(c) distribute printed publications and materials or distribute, display or promote any advertising or promotional material, samples of goods or services, or any other type of product at the Event/Exhibition;
(d) distribute, distribute, distribute, sell, offer or display for sale any goods or collect money for orders for goods and services at the Event/Exhibition;
(e) sell, offer or display for sale any Ticket to the Event/Exhibition;
(f) leave rubbish everywhere except in receptacles designated for this purpose;
(g) obstruct, interrupt or behave in a manner that would disrupt or interrupt any procedure, event or activity of the Organiser;
(h) use obscene or profane language or threatening and abusive words or behave in any other threatening, boisterous, indecent or offensive manner;
(and) smoke in a prohibited place.

5.12. The buyers of the Event/Exhibition Ticket service shall be entitled to attend the Event/Exhibition on the days specified on the Event/Exhibition Ticket. The validity period of the issued ticket is indicated on the Ticket.

5.13. One person is entitled to enter the Event/Exhibition with one issued Ticket. It is prohibited to transfer the issued Event/Exhibition ticket to another person during the whole day of the Event/Exhibition.

6. Distribution of information about the Event

6.1 By agreeing to this Offer, the Buyer of the Event/Exhibition Ticket Service agrees to regular mailing by the Organiser or a third party acting with the Organiser's permission, containing information related to the Event/Exhibition and/or other Organiser's offers, to the e-mail address and/or mobile phone number specified by the Buyer of the Event/Exhibition Ticket Service when purchasing the service.

6.2 The scope and content of the mailing, the timing and time of the mailing shall be determined by the Organiser independently.

6.3 The Buyer of the Ticket to the Event/Exhibition shall be entitled at any time to refuse the specified mailing by sending an electronic notice to the Organizer or a third party acting with the permission of the Organizer, in accordance with the instructions contained in the relevant letter (mailing).

7. Payment procedure

7.1 Payment is made through the authorisation server of the Bank's Processing Centre using bankcards of the following Payment Systems:

7.2 To make the payment, you will be required to provide your plastic card details. This information will be transmitted in compliance with all the necessary security measures. The data will only be transmitted to the Bank's authorisation server through a secure channel (TLS protocol). The information is transmitted in encrypted form and is only stored on the Payment System's dedicated server. The website and the shop do not know and do not store your plastic card data.

7.3 If you choose the form of payment with a plastic card, the payment for the order is made immediately after its execution. After completing your order in our shop, you will have to click the "Pay with card" button, in which case the system will switch you to the authorization server page, where you will be prompted to enter your plastic card data, initiate its authorization, and then return to our shop by "Back to the shop" button. After you return to our shop, the system will notify you of the results of authorisation. If authorisation is confirmed, your order will be carried out automatically according to the conditions you have set. If authorization is denied, you will be able to repeat the payment procedure.

8. Refund procedure and conditions

8.1. Refunds can be made only in case of cancellation or re-scheduling of the Event/Exhibition.

8.2 Only the tickets issued by the Organizer are accepted for refund/exchange. Refunds for the Ticket service shall be made in the amount of the cost of the issuance service.

8.3 In case of payment for the Ticket service by means of a Promocode, the cost of the service is not refundable.

8.4 In order to get the refund the Buyer of the Ticket service undertakes to provide the Organizer with

The above-mentioned documents shall be sent by e-mail to

8.5 Cash funds for lost, damaged (before/on/after the date of the Event/Exhibition) or unused issued Tickets shall not be subject to refund.

8.6 In case of cancellation of the Event/Exhibition, the refund for the Ticket service shall be made by the Organizer within 10 days after the announcement of the cancellation or re-scheduling. The refund for the service paid with the use of the Promo-code is not subject to refund.

8.7 Refunds for the Ticket service purchased using bank cards on the Organiser's website shall be made to the same card from which the service was paid for.

9. Dispute resolution procedure

9.1 Any dispute arising in connection with the interpretation or application of this Offer will be resolved by the Parties by sending a claim to the other party. The term for consideration of the claim is 10 working days from the receiving date.

9.2 If the Parties fail to reach an agreement, the dispute shall be settled in the courts in accordance with the established procedure.

10. Final Provisions

10.1 This Offer shall enter into force from the date of its posting on the Official Website of the Event/Exhibition.

10.2. The Organizer shall be entitled to amend this Offer at any time, but all the amendments shall be published and made publicly available by publishing them on the Official Website of the Event/Exhibition. Changes in the Offer shall not have retroactive effect, i.e. shall not apply to the civil law relations arising before the publication of these changes.

10.3. The Organiser has the right to terminate the Offer at any time without prior notice to the Event Ticket Buyer in case the latter violates the rules of the Offer.

10.4. Changes to the terms and conditions of this Offer are valid and binding if they are made or confirmed by the Organiser and published on the Official Website of the Event/Exhibition.

10.5. The terms of this Offer are drawn up in Russian and English. In case of a discrepancy between the Russian and the English versions, the Russian version of the Offer shall prevail.

10.6. The terms of this Offer shall be governed, interpreted and applied in all respects in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.