Russian Federation
8.3, V303
We have been producing a wide range of products for more than 15 years, including perfumes: car fragrances and household chemicals of different price segments. Our production is located in Moscow and Dolgoprudny. The production lines include machines for various purposes (for dosing, labeling, packaging, printing, cutting and other types of work). We supply to such well-known and large networks as Fix Price, Okey, Auchan, Magnet, Autorus, Lukoil, Techcom, Modi. Household chemicals are particularly popular in the low price segment.
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Russian Federation, 125438, Москва, РОССИЯ, г. Москва, Переулок 4-й Лихачёвский , д. ДОМ 13, СТРОЕНИЕ 1, ЭТАЖ 3, ПОМ. No 7Г

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