The annual sales of Aido wiper come up to the number of 100 million.rankeing first in the the market of Chinese Mainland, the products carry out the production standard by German and Japan,using advanced cutting technology in the world,with strong hydrophobicity and high-definition; the surface of the wiper blade rubber strips can adopt different treatment according to customers’needs,such as "SP-Fluorine Lube、S-Graphite、N-Halogenation Treatment"、witch has a strong decontamination and abrasion-resistance, with a long service life;Products available to VW Germany,CBA and 280 global service en

Company categories:
  • Car accessories, tuning, audio, video, telecommunications, navigation systems
Booth location:
  • Pavilion 8 Hall 3, G203
  • Russian Federation, 630112, Novosibirsk
  • Koshurnikova street 22/4